Our work doesn’t end following site preparation and excavation. Subterranean utilities, encompassing vital components like water mains, sewers, culverts, and drainage systems, hold significant roles in our projects. A typical project can consist of spans of thousands of linear feet of interconnected pipes, facilitated by an intricate network of vertical manholes, drinking water distribution mains, hydrants, and stormwater receptor systems.

Unveiling the World Below: Crafting Water Mains, Sewers, and Storm Sewers

Valley Corporation proudly showcases a diverse and successful portfolio encompassing utility infrastructure establishment for residential, industrial, and commercial projects. Our expertise shines particularly in the areas of sanitary sewer, storm sewer, and water main installations. We stand as a testament to contented customers and flourishing communities. Furthermore, our partnership extends to various government entities, contributing 100,000 to 200,000 linear feet of direct buried pipes annually.

Below-the-Surface Utility Fabrication

Recognizing the intricate nature of underground utility construction, especially when involving city water mains, sanitary sewers, and storm sewers, Valley Corporation thrives on the challenge. These pivotal structures underpin the seamless operation of entire communities, invariably impacting residents within construction vicinities. Swift, precise service is our hallmark in such scenarios, coupled with transparent communication to ensure affected parties remain informed.

Masters of Craftsmanship: 30 Years of Project Management Prowess

Harnessing three decades of project management wisdom, our experts orchestrate underground utility construction projects with finesse. Tailoring plans to meet customer deadlines without compromising accuracy and excellence is our forte.

Reliable Excellence from the Outset

Our underground utility unit wields unparalleled experience, cutting-edge equipment, and superior-grade materials. Through robust investment in training and equipping our construction crews, we eliminate the need for re-excavation by ensuring the proper first installations.

Safety and Precision: Guiding Principles

Given the involvement of deep trenches and excavations, safety takes precedence – safeguarding our personnel and the surroundings. Our teams possess an intimate understanding of construction site safety protocols, diligently upholding them. Our utility services strive for efficiency, precision, and safety from residential to commercial and industrial ventures.

The Unseen Lifelines: Guardians of Urban Efficiency

While not the most glamorous service we provide, underground utility construction and repair is one of the most indispensable components of city and municipal infrastructure. Our pride is furnishing communities with unwavering, efficient, and enduring underground utility services.

Embark on a journey to explore the hidden foundations that uphold thriving Nebraskan communities – where diligence and unity flourish above while intricacy and excellence thrive below. Experience the essence of Nebraskan life through the network beneath.

Working with Valley Corporation

We have over 50 years of experience as a general contractor. Because of this, we’re better acquainted than most with the countless regulations governing construction in Nebraska, the requirements those regulations dictate, and the site inspections that follow. We’re here to help with each step in that process. For that reason and so many others, choosing the right grading contractors should begin and end with Valley Corp.


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