You won’t always have the luxury of a lengthy planning process and long lead times. In the event of a natural or manmade disaster, we’re ready to spring into action, providing demolition after fire damage, cleanup after a severe storm, or repairs to roads, sewers, and water mains, helping you get life back to normal quickly.

A natural disaster or structural emergency can do more than simply down power lines or impede the flow of traffic — they can seriously compromise the stability of large structures and natural water barriers, destroying entire livelihoods and costing millions of dollars in the blink of an eye. Unfortunately, no one can fully prepare for one of these emergencies. You can, however, recover as quickly as possible, so long as you have the right general contracting company to call when you need it most.

Emergency Services

While most of our work is scheduled in advance, certain unplanned situations call for general contractor services as soon as possible. Circumstances including structure demolition, water main breaks, and storm cleanup are just a few examples of reasons for a sudden dispatch of our general contractor services. We consider these “emergency” service situations and take pride in our ability to provide efficient, effective assistance in these times of urgency.

Valley Corporation has the availability to quickly dispatch the necessary personnel, equipment, and material needed for any of our main services. We have performed many emergency projects for local municipalities, counties, state, and federal governments over the years.

In addition to specialized emergency services, we are also able to provide any of our main general contracting services quickly and on short notice. We have the personnel and material available in order to provide fast, high-quality relief for your emergency contracting needs.

Emergency Contracting Services are an Increasing Need

With the devastating floods of 2019, the need for fast, skilled emergency contracting services has become significantly more visible. Harrowing footage of entire bridges being washed away by the force of Mother Nature show only a fraction of the damage that was inflicted upon the Nebraska landscape that spring. Each bridge, each washed-out roadway must be restored to working quality in order for our state’s residents and workers to resume business as usual.

    Emergency Water Main Repair

    A damaged or ruptured water main can wreak havoc upon a household, and even an entire neighborhood. Natural conditions such as rapid or frequent freezing, and even the everyday occurrence of settling earth can inflict damage and deterioration upon water mains, making it hard to control. For many, the culprit can simply be old age. Regardless of cause, a speedy repair can save thousands of dollars while preserving property and belongings that are hard to replace.

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