Our work doesn’t always start as a blank page. Sometimes priming the canvas means erasing what was there before, so our building and structure demolition services encompass the demolition of structures, the removal of support systems, and the screening and removal of earth, concrete, and asphalt.

Sometimes the best place to start is from a clean slate. When rehabilitation, renovation, and repair are no longer viable options for your building or structure, the best place to begin anew is through demolition. For over 45 years, Valley Corporation has been a trusted demolition contractor for the Omaha, Nebraska and Council Bluffs, Iowa area and surrounding communities. We approach each demolition project with an emphasis on safety and accuracy.

Building & Structure Demolition

The safe, effective demolition of any structure requires experience, knowledge, and an in-depth understanding of the structures themselves. Our team Valley has a demolition portfolio ranging in structures small to large. This includes residential, commercial, industrial, multiple story, selective interior, and exterior demolition.

Over the years, our success in this area has allowed us to become a trusted demolition general contractor. We have been fortunate to help our clients with the following projects:


  • Tree Removal & Clearing
  • Concrete Cutting & Pavement Removal
  • Structural Demolition-Residential, Commercial, Industrial & Multi-Story Buildings
  • Footing & Foundation Removal
  • Selective Interior & Exterior Demolition
  • Underground Tank Removal
  • Building Implosion remove
  • Disaster Cleanup & Asset Recovery
  • Site Redevelopment & Restoration

Making Safe Demolition a Top Priority

Demolition contractor services require an intense, comprehensive focus on safety in order to be considered truly successful, and we take that very seriously here at Valley Corporation. Our demolition experts are trained extensively in methods needed to protect the lives of our team members working to bring down each and every structure.

In addition to keeping the people involved in these projects physically safe, we make sure to consider the safety of our demolition equipment, ensuring that the integrity of Valley’s demolition properties is kept intact. This is imperative in providing consistent, continuing demolition services to our eastern Nebraska customers.

Finally, we prioritize the safety of the surrounding structures and land. We firmly believe in the preservation of the environments surrounding our demolition projects, and include all of these factors as we plan and strategize for each individual demolition project.

Trusted Demolition Professionals

We are capable of providing demolition services in a variety of settings. From bridges in natural river landscapes, to the parking garage of UNMC in Omaha, NE, our team is prepared to work in whatever environment is necessary. We have the capability to provide our customers with a fresh, level foundation for their upcoming projects, and the drive to do so with safety, efficiency, and property preservation as a priority.

Working with Valley Corporation

We have over 50 years of experience as a general contractor. Because of this, we’re better acquainted than most with the countless regulations governing construction in Nebraska, the requirements those regulations dictate, and the site inspections that follow. We’re here to help with each step in that process. For that reason and so many others, choosing the right grading contractors should begin and end with Valley Corp.


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