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Valley Corporation stands as a third-generation, family-owned General Contracting firm, serving communities throughout Nebraska and Iowa with pride since 1972. We prioritize quality and trust — both in the work we do and the people we hire. Learn more about our mission to provide the best general contracting work environment in the Midwest.


Subterranean utilities, which encompass vital components like water mains, sewers, culverts, and drainage systems, play significant roles in our projects. A typical project can consist of thousands of linear feet of interconnected pipes, facilitated by an intricate network of vertical manholes, drinking water distribution mains, hydrants, and stormwater receptor systems. 

Concrete Paving

At Valley Corp, we pride ourselves on delivering superior concrete paving services for a variety of projects, including roads, parking lots, and foundations. Our experienced team handles every aspect of the paving process, ensuring durable, high-quality finishes that stand the test of time.

Site Preparation

A strong foundation is vital to any successful build. Grading, excavating, and site preparation are the foundation for your foundation. More than ensuring a level site, we also ensure load handling, proper drainage, and erosion controls vital to your structures’ long-term durability and projects.

Communication & Electrical

Equipped with cutting-edge directional drilling and cable plowing technology, our underground communication electric services will keep your operation running smoothly with minimal environmental impact. Overhead electric and pole replacement services are available when an above-ground option is needed.


Infrastructure often requires supporting structures, including manholes, culvert extensions, concrete dam structures and various forms of structural reinforcement. From the intricate forming of vertical concrete structures to the tying of rebar and placement of concrete we provide a complete turnkey service.


Our work doesn’t always start as a blank page. Sometimes, priming the canvas means erasing what was there before, so our building and structure demolition services encompass the demolition of structures, the removal of support systems, and the screening and removal of earth, concrete, and asphalt.


Water is relentless, inexorably eroding stream systems, riverbeds, and levees. Over time, this can change topography and cause extensive property damage due to poor drainage and flooding. With careful excavation and deployment of riprap and gabion baskets and engineered levee systems, we can stabilize and rehabilitate waterways and drainage systems.

Sheet Piling

Sheet and H piling have a wide range of applications. When installed with care, they’re effective retaining walls, marine bulkheads, or bearing piles. Our removal and installation services have been used for new construction, remediation, and reestablishment projects alike.


Valley Corporation specializes in using hydro-excavation techniques to ensure the secure and efficient identification of crucial utilities without the risk of damaging infrastructure or harming workers on site. Even in situations with limited access, we can dig around existing utilities, gas mains, power lines, etc.


We normally think of foundations as something for homes and buildings. However, even the roads we drive and the dams and reservoirs that dot our landscape need a good foundation. Our aggregate deliveries — often in the tens of thousands of tons — make that possible.

Commercial Broadband

High-speed internet has become a critical part of our modern-day lifestyle. Whether you’re communicating with loved ones or checking into a work meeting from miles away, it’s clear that the need for reliable internet is more important than ever, and it won’t be going away anytime soon.


You won’t always have the luxury of a lengthy planning process and long lead times. In the event of a natural or manmade disaster, we’re ready to spring into action, providing demolition after fire damage, cleanup after a severe storm, or repairs to roads, sewers, and water mains, helping you get life back to normal quickly.


“Exceeded all expectations.

The quality of the work performed by Valley Corp staff was great, and allowed the project to move forward without delay for reconstruction or other issues that can arise from a project.”

– Al Shoemaker, City of Blair Public Works

“Knowledgeable, professional, hard working.

It has been a pleasure working with Valley Corp. They are knowledgeable, professional, hard working, and are quick to come up with solutions to unforeseen issues.”

– Dan Nauton, Edward Rose & Sons

“Provides continual communication.

Their responsiveness to project-related issues minimizes potential project delays, while maintaining strong relationships with team members. Valley’s project managers are very professional, enthusiastic, and dedicated.”

– Brian Pecka, Big Muddy Workshop