Water is relentless, inexorably eroding stream systems, riverbeds, and levees. Over time, this can change topography and cause extensive property damage due to poor drainage and flooding. With careful excavation and deployment of riprap and gabion baskets, and engineered levee systems we’re able to stabilize and rehabilitate waterways and drainage systems.

The natural beauty of our Nebraska landscapes is unparalleled, but, sometimes, nature needs a little help. This is an area of general construction we feel very “at home” in — working to stabilize, repair, or restore a creek, channel, or drainage way. We have extensive experience installing riprap, gabion baskets, installing timber pipe supports, performing excavation, and channel flow management.

Water Construction & Rehabilitation

Working to stabilize drainage systems, creeks, and riverbanks contributes directly to the prevention of erosion in these structures, and aids in stormwater control. Valley Corporation takes pride in our ability to handle these challenging projects while preserving the original structures as best we can.

One of the most important facets of water construction and rehabilitation is providing stabilization methods that encourage biological growth and repair. A method called rip rap is often used, which is when loose stone is used in order to build or reinforce a foundation. Another method, the gabion basket, is a wire basket or cage made to contain rock or earth in order to build supports and abutments. Our skills in excavation and water flow management allow us to support these natural features while working in harmony with the surrounding land and vegetation.

At Valley Corporation, the integrity of these sites is of the utmost importance, and our teams work diligently to preserve the natural sites we work with while stabilizing them for the future.

Erosion Control

While it might seem surprising, erosion control is actually a highly-sensitive construction service, and one that we are proud to provide as Omaha and Council Bluffs area general contractors. When not approached with in-depth knowledge and precision, improperly-executed erosion control can prove to be very costly in the long run.

Erosion is a problem in cities and communities as well as their rural counterparts, and can affect integral pieces of infrastructure, including public storm sewers. Valley Corporation is aware of the ordinances in place that directly affect erosion control projects, and has the training to ensure that all regulations are followed to the letter.

The Valley Corporation team is staffed with knowledgeable erosion control and stabilization experts. By investing in the training and education of our employees, we can rest easy knowing that we are providing our customers with the highest-quality stabilization services available. Working with nature, preventing common issues from cropping up in the future, and preserving the natural integrity of the land are all values we strive to uphold on each project. 

Working with Valley Corporation

We have over 50 years of experience as a general contractor. Because of this, we’re better acquainted than most with the countless regulations governing construction in Nebraska, the requirements those regulations dictate, and the site inspections that follow. We’re here to help with each step in that process. For that reason and so many others, choosing the right grading contractors should begin and end with Valley Corp.


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